"I could have sworn that I heard angels singing when I bit into the chocolate peppermint, and I can honestly say that is quite possibly one of the best things I have ever tasted, period. " Laurie Frodsham, Waynesville, NC


"I don't believe I have ever had a better cookie in my life!" -Heather Menacof, BlackRock Outdoor Co., Sylva, NC


"FANTASTIC, delicious, wonderful, scrumptious –were but a few of the words used to describe your delectable cookies. Everyone raved about how good they were! The cookies were a terrific way to sweeten and to celebrate our fathers on Father’s Day." Cindy Krimm elbein, Asheville, NC


"Your cookies are to die for!! I had to package them back up or I knew I'd eat them all in one sitting!"

-Denise Ryan, Firestar, Raleigh NC


"I'm 65 years old and those were the best cookies I've ever had in my life." -Emily Moore, Atlanta, GA


"I always tell my best friend here at work when I'm on the "cookie hunt" that I can tell if a cookie is going to be good by talking to the cookie maker! I was SO right this time!" Susie Riggs, Carteret County General Hospital, Wilmington, NC


"We got our yummy goodies yesterday and let me tell you I was in heaven with the almond bark. I had to really tap into my will power not to eat the whole bag last night for dessert! " Julie Gerdes, Mountain View, CA


"Your cookies are “friggin juicy”! Palmer will not let me near them. In the meantime I have hidden the almond toffee bark. It is the absolute best. My mouth waters just thinking about it." Betty Temple, Atlanta, GA


"I just wanted you to know how much everyone likes you cookies. Everyone loved them. My dad even said it was the best cookie he has ever eaten. My dad is not full of compliments so for him to say that is a big deal." Melanie Mason, Waynesville, NC


The Birthday Cookies arrived in Iraq today! Talk about fast! My nephew LOVED them and is sharing some with a choice few friends/comrades. His adjectives ranged from Yummy to Spectacular to Awesome. And Major Kudos to You! It appears you have scored the only Big Victory in Iraq today. Thanks again for making this happen." Nick Wilkinson, Asheville, NC