Blue Ridge Bake Shop is a family owned business, started by me, Nancy East, in 2006 after I decided to alter my career path. I was a small animal veterinarian for close to 10 years but took a sabbatical from medicine in 2003 to stay at home with my young children at the time, Aidan and Paige.


I absolutely loved being with my little people all the time, but I wanted to contribute to our family's income and to sometimes have a reason for a break from singing, "The Wheels on the Bus!" A home-based business felt like the right solution for my desire to stay home yet still have some autonomy. Baking has always been a tremendous passion of mine, so with the encouragement and support of my husband and family, I temporarily traded in my stethoscope for a rolling pin.


As the kids grew older, I returned to veterinary medicine on a part-time basis, but I loved my bake shop too much to give it up.  So now I have the best of both worlds with both of my professions!‚Äč


And if you noticed the third child in the photo above, we do have three children now.  Wogene started his life in Ethiopia but joined our family in the spring of 2008!